Byrne Lifts is continuing to build a strong product portfolio to offer to our commercial clients who have particular design requirements and specific site needs for a diverse range of vertical transportation.
We are pleased to be able to offer you:

The Atlas was built as its name suggests! A heavy duty lift with the latest German manufactured gearless drive system. The Atlas is designed for heavy usage applications or for those who simply want the best! The gearless, 1.0M/second+, traction drive system delivers a silky smooth, almost silent ride. The Atlas can be fully customized with the wide range of finishes.

A low rise commercial building designers’ dream! The Flexilift’s headroom requirements of only 2600mm and pit of 350mm is European design at its best! This product can come with swing lift doors for cost effective disabled access or full commercial sliding doors. The Flexilift always has a full car door for passenger safety and high aethetics. Fully customized lift cars and doors are available from Byrne Lifts.

For detailed information on our products download our brochures from our Documentation page.