Byrne Lifts are proud to be able to provide a range of disabled access solutions for commercial and residential requirements. Whether its for compliance for a commercial premises or if you’re looking to improve the mobility & access to the home, Byrne Lifts can cater for a range of practical, convenient and compliant Lifts. Furthermore, Byrne Lifts are always improving and adding to the available products that we can offer.

A low rise commercial building designers dream!
The Flexilift’s headroom requirements of only 2600mm and pit of 350mm is European design at its best! This product can come with swing doors for cost effective disabled access or full commercial sliding doors. The Flexilift always has a full car door for passenger safety and high aesthetics.

Fully customized lift cars and doors are available from Byrne Lifts.

Vertiplat is a hydraulic lifting system designed for disabled people, in order to have access to buildings where installation or operation of an elevator is not possible. It is the most economical solution for vertical transportation of disabled people for travel up to 7m. It requires minimum space which makes it an ideal solution for both internal and external applications. Vertiplat Hydraulic Vertical Lifting System is manufactured according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and meets all safety requirements.

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